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The Sekiyado-jo museum is located on a high standard embankment that was built by the Japanese Ministry of the Construction and is bound by the To-ne and Edo rivers.

The theme of the exhibits-River and Related Industries-introduce the daily lives and history of the people living in the environs of the To-ne river and features permanent exhibits-River of Boso-and-Traditional Industries and Traffic on Waterways-. The planned exhibit area normally has a presentation on the-Sekiyado Clan-.

The museum also functions as collector and caretaker of information concerning research and studies related to the above themes,and publicizes the contents of these materials through special exhibits, lectures, courses, and other activities.

A portion of the single-story building was built as a replica of the main tower of Sekiyado-jo (the Sekiyado Castle).

Guide of the Museum

Sekiyado-jo Museum

143-4 Sangenya, Sekiyado, Noda-City, Chiba-pref. 270-0201 JAPAN
tel.+ 81-4-7196-1400



Closed Days:

  • Mondays(excluding Mondays that are national holidays or substitute holdays, in which case the museum close on the day following)
  • Year end and New Year Closed occassionallly for fumigation and other purposes