Special Issue No. 3 (March 1997)

-Present and Future on Biology of Porphyra (Proceedings of the 8th Natural History Symposium, November 30, 1996)-

Author Title
Special Issue No. 3 (March 1997)
Yoshida,T. The history and future prospects of systematics of Bangiaceae, Rhodophyta.
Yoshida, T., M. Notoya, N. Kikuchi, and M. Miyata Catalogue of species ofPorphyrain the world, with special reference to the type locality and bibliography.
Miyata, M. and N. Kikuchi Taxonomic study ofBangiaandPorphyra(Bangiaceae, Rhodophyta) from Boso Peninsula, Japan.
Notoya, M. Diversity of life history in the genusPorphyra.
Mizukami, Y., M. Kobayashi, M. Okauchi, H. Kito and N. Murase DNA polymorphism ofPorphyra yezoensisandP. tenera, and its application to cultivar discrimination.
Shin, J.-A., A. Miura and P. F. Fu Hybrid breakdown and breakthrough in interspecific crosses betweenPorphyra yezoensisandP. tenera.
Fujita,Y. and U. S. Rao Genetic improvement ofPorphyrathrough cell culture techniques: Present status and future prospects.
Fujiyoshi, E. Cryopreservation onPorphyra.
Tsuchiya, H. and M. Miyata Disease of 'Nori (Porphyra)' and countermeasures with special reference to the 'Anaaki (hole-forming)' diseases.
Tanaka, T., J. Kakino and M. Miyata Existing conditions and problems on Nori (Porphyra) cultivation at the coast of Chiba Prefecture in Tokyo Bay.
Chen, L. C.-M. Porphyracell suspension cultures, novel biotechnological approach for the production of Hoshi-nori.
Notoya, M. and M. Miyata Panel Discussion: Present and future on biology onPorphyra.
Miyata, M. and T. Tomizuka Explanation of Cover Pictures: Ukiyo-e, "Painting of Nori making", made by KATSUKAWA SHUSEN-Pictures as materials of technology-.