Vol. 3 No.2 (March 1995)

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Vol. 3 No.2(March 1995)
Numata, M. Conservational Education Based on Sustainability and Biodiversity PDF DownloadPDF(1077KB)(PDF文書)

Arakawa, S.

 Bryozoan fauna in the Jizodo Formation (Pleistocene), Boso Peninsula, Honshu, Japan. PDF DownloadPDF(13.0MB)(PDF文書)
Harada, H. Taxonomic notes on the lichen family Verrucariaceae in Japan (VII). Verrucaria marinomuralis Harada sp. nov. PDF DownloadPDF(1422KB)(PDF文書)
Bidin, A. A. and R. Go

Chromosome base numbers forTectariaand allied genera in Peninsular Malaysia.

PDF DownloadPDF(2MB)(PDF文書)
Komai, T. Vercoia japonica, a new species of crangonid shrimp (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from Japan. PDF DownloadPDF(1976KB)(PDF文書)
Ohkubo, N. and J. Aoki Oribatid mites of the northern Mariana Islands, Micronesia II. Family Oppiidae from Agrihan and Asuncion Islands. PDF DownloadPDF(834KB)(PDF文書)
Naomi, S.  Revision of the subfamily Piestinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from Japan, I. PDF DownloadPDF(1664KB)(PDF文書)
Sunobe, T. and A. Nakazono

 Embryonic development and larvae of genus Eviota(Pisces: Gobiidae) II. Description of seven species.

PDF DownloadPDF(1134KB)(PDF文書)
Fujihara, M. Succession of secondary pine forests after pine wilt disease in San-yo district, western Japan. PDF DownloadPDF(1781KB)(PDF文書)
Oba, T. What is the natural sound diversity? A consideration for the local natural amenity. PDF DownloadPDF(2MB)(PDF文書)
Numata, M. and A. Asakura Foreword for the international symposium on the natural history of the Izu-Ogasawara-Mariana Arc, and study on biogeography and island biology. PDF DownloadPDF(1KB)(PDF文書)
Randall, R. H. Biogeography of reef-building corals in the Mariana and Palau Islands in relation to back-arc rifting and the formation of the Eastern Philippine Sea. PDF DownloadPDF(2MB)(PDF文書)
Stinson, D. W. Status and conservation of birds in the Mariana Islands, Micronesia. PDF DownloadPDF(1266KB)(PDF文書)
Moyer, J. T. Fishes of Miyake-jima: history and zoogeographical significance. PDF DownloadPDF(1009KB)(PDF文書)
Donaldoson, T. J. Comparative analysis of reef fish distribution patterns in the Northern and Southern Mariana Islands. PDF DownloadPDF(1107KB)(PDF文書)
Summary Papaers  Session I Geological History of the Island Arc and Latitudinal Gradient in Terrestrial Biota.
 Session II: Latitudinal Gradient in Marine Biota.
 Session III: Island Biology -History and Perspective.
 Poster session.
PDF DownloadPDF(1445KB)(PDF文書)