Vol.2 No.1 (March 1992)


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Vol. 2 No.1(March 1992)
Numata, M.

A study of urban ecosystems based on the concepts of landscape ecology and vegetation dynamics.


Kohno, N.

A new Pliocene fur seal (Carnivora: Otariidae) from the Senhata Formation on the Boso Peninsula, Japan.  
Lee, I., M. Ohsawa and M. Numata Litterfall, accumulation and turnover of nutrients in the forest floor of warm-temperate forests of Central Japan.  
Harada, H.

 A taxonomic study on the lichen genus Staurothele(Verrucariaceae) in Japan.

Okada, S., H. Ota, M. Hasegawa, T. Hikida, H. Miyaguni and J. Kato Reproductive traits of seven species of lygosomine skinks (Squamata: Reptilia) from East Asia.  
Naomi, S.  Taxonomic Studies on the Subgenus Protocypus Muller of the Genus Ocypus Leach (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) of Japan, I. PDF DownloadPDF Download(1064KB)(PDF文書)