Vol.2 No.2 (March 1993)

Author Title
Vol. 2 No.2(March 1993)
Okazaki-Kumashiro, H.

Depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of the upper Pleistocene Paleo-Tokyo Bay deposits.

Fukuda, Y. and I. Obata

Discovery of Osteocytes in adult and juvenile bones of duck-billed dinosaurs.

Ishida, Y. and K. Inoue
 Fossil ophiuroids (Ophiura sarsiiLutken, 1854) from the Pleistocene Ichijuku Formation (Kazusa Group), Chiba Prefecture, Central Japan.
Harada, H.

A taxonomic study on Dermatocarpon and its allied genera (Lichenes, Verrucariaceae) in Japan.

Numata, M. Weed communities in main croplands and rangeland vegetation of Bhutan.
Tamura, N. and T. Oba Nestling sounds of the plantain squirrel (Sciuridae:Callosciurus notatus).
Hagino, Y.  A new species of the genus Allopauropus(Pauropoda, Pauropodidae) from the Boso Peninsula, Central Japan.
Puthz, V.

 Three new species of the genus Stenus Latreille from Japan (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae).

Naomi, S.

Description of a new species of the genus Anisolinus Sharp (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from Nepal.