Vol. 6 No.1 (March 2000)

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Vol. 6 No.1 (March 2000)
Harada, H. Taxonomic notes on the lichen family Verrucariaceae in Japan (XII). Verrucaria minusculaH. Harada. PDF DownloadPDF(1394KB)(PDF文書)

Harada, H. and A. Vezda

Gyalideopsis japonica(lichenized Ascomycota, Gomphillaceae), a new gyalectoid lichen from Japan.  PDF DownloadPDF(1352KB)(PDF文書)
Fukiharu, T., K. Osaku, K. Iguchi and M. Asada  Occurrence of ammonia fungi on the forest ground after decompsition of a dog carcass.  PDF DownloadPDF(3MB)(PDF文書)
Yura, H. and M. Hayakawa

Germination responses of seeds of Vicia angustifolia L. at constant, increased and decreased temperature. 

PDF DownloadPDF(1534KB)(PDF文書)
Kalindekafe, M. P., M. Fujihara and M. Kamada  Land use histories and fuelwood consumption in a highly populated and degraded area in Nkhata Bay District, Malawi.  PDF DownloadPDF(4MB)(PDF文書)