Special Issue No. 8 (March 2005)

-Present and Future on Molecular Biology of Useful Seaweeds (Proceedings of the 14th Natural History Symposium, November 29, 2002)-

Author Title
Special Issue No. 8 (March 2005)
Nelson, W.A. and J.E.S. Broom Contributions of molecular biology to understanding systematics and phylogeny in the order Bangiales.
Mizukami, Y., M. Hado, M. Okauchi and N. Murase Transient expression of the foreign genes in erectroporatedPorphyrayezoensisprotoplasts.
Shimada, S. Molecular phylogeny of the order Gelidiales (Rhodophyta).
Kakimuna, M., S. Itoh, Y. Kozawa, I. Kaneko, Y. Kuno, E. Inagaki and H. Amano Physiological and molecular responses to environmental stresses in a sterile mutant ofUlvapertusa(Ulvales, Chlorophyta).
Shimada, S., M. Hiraoka and M. Notoya Morphological and molecular analyses ofUlvaandEnteromorpha(Chlorophyta).
Yotsukura, N. Molecular phylogeny of advanced Kelps (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae) growing in Japan.
Miyata, M. and N. Yotsukura A preliminary report of gene analysis ofAgarumoharaenseYamada (Laminariales, Phaeophyta), with special reference to the phylogeny.
Notoya, M. and M. Miyata Panel Discussion: Present and Future on Molecular Biology of Useful Seaweeds.
Miyata, M. and T. Tomizuka Explanation of Cover Pictures: Ainu-e, "Kelp (Konbu) Harvesting" and "Glue plant (Funori) Harvesting", made by Byozan Hirasawa-Pictures as ethnological materials-.